During the late 1950’s and early 60’s, a young Al Beres was singing Rock n’ Roll with the East Coast Acapella Doo-Wop groups known as the Bel-Aires and the Marvalons. Whether singing at rock concerts, in night clubs, or harmonizing on a random street corner on the Eastern Seaboard, they not only sounded good – they looked good. The stage costumes designed by Al Beres would eventually lead him to his destiny as a star in the fashion industry...

Al Beres

“Big Al” (as he is known by celebrities and friends) realized he could fulfill his dreams of stardom. With his designs now on stage and screen, Al could live vicariously through the celebrities wearing them. He began introducing belts with an image – designs that made a statement!

(See the story of Al's first ad below)

Creating belts of the finest leathers and genuine skins, he adorned them with precious metals and sculptured jewelry. Al's unique style and designs have elevated belts and buckles from just accessories, to an artform. Due to his commitment to fine craftsmanship, quality materials, and attention to detail, Al Beres continues to be a true star of the industry.


When deciding on how to introduce his new line to the world, Big Al had an epiphany. It was simply, "Go BIG, or go home."  He wanted to put out an image that would truly represent his personality and his designs– BOLD, BEAUTIFUL, UNIQUE, and very ROCK N' ROLL.

His quest resulted in this amazing full-page black & white ad of a beautiful model wearing absolutely nothing– but an AL Beres Belt! Al put all of his faith and resources into this vision, and got it featured in the September 1985 issue of Interview magazine. To this day, Big Al credits this image as a major factor in his success.